Parking the Motorcycle Correctly

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This is a question many bikers ask themselves, especially in times of scarce parking spaces. Can I park my motorcycle on the sidewalk? What do I have to pay attention to in the parking garage? We have compiled tips for bikers that will make one thing a thing of the past: parking tickets.

The most important facts in brief:

  • In pedestrian zones, the parking of motorcycles is generally prohibited. And, surprise, even pushing is not allowed.
  • If there are special motorcycle parking spaces, the bikes must also be parked there.
  • If a parking space is not designated purely as a car parking space, a motorcycle may occupy the entire parking space.
  • If several motorcycles share the same parking space, each motorcycle needs its own parking ticket!
  • Differently however at a parking meter: Here only one must pay (everything else would be also nonsense…)
  • The special winter tip: If your motorcycle is covered with a tarpaulin on a public road, you must ensure that the license plate remains visible.

These rules apply to parking motorcycles. Is sidewalk parking allowed?

Parking your motorcycle on a sidewalk risks a ticket. Parking on sidewalks is only permitted if there is appropriate signage or parking space markings. Otherwise, a general parking ban on sidewalks also applies to motorcycles.

If the parked motorcycle is not obstructing pedestrians or cyclists, police or municipal enforcement officers may occasionally turn a blind eye. You should not rely on this. If there are designated motorcycle parking spaces nearby, parking on the sidewalk is usually not tolerated.

Use of parking garages

There is no general ban on motorcycles for parking garages. However, the parking garage operator can prohibit the parking of motorcycles with a special sign at the entrance. In a user-friendly parking garage, separate parking spaces suitable for motorcycles are designated. Furthermore, a motorcycle-friendly parking garage also has lockers that allow helmets or other equipment to be stored.

By the way: Parking garages are generally unsuitable as permanent winter parking. Apart from the high costs of long-term parking and the risk of theft, parking garages have another significant disadvantage for a motorcycle in winter. In a heavily frequented parking garage, vehicles constantly transport humid air that is heavily polluted by road salt into the parking levels. In addition, there are uncontrollable temperature fluctuations that promote condensation of the humidity in the air. All this leads to excessive rust development on the motorcycle and can cause considerable damage to the vehicle’s condition.

Those who do not have a suitable winter parking space, such as in a private garage, should talk to their motorcycle dealer. Some companies offer suitable parking spaces for the winter, sometimes even in conjunction with special care programs.

Parking the motorcycle in the parking lot: Is a parking ticket necessary?

When parking a motorcycle, some creativity is required. As a rule, it is not enough to pull out a parking ticket and show the counterpart to the law enforcement officers during a check if the rest of the proof on the vehicle has gone missing. If it is allowed to park the motorcycle on the street, for example, these tricks can help you to avoid fines:

  • For those who are willing to take risks: Clamp the parking ticket between the speedometer and the handlebars (where it could be blown away, for example).
  • Attach the parking ticket with adhesive tape, for example on the headlight.
  • Take a photo of the motorcycle in the parking lot with the parking ticket visible and keep the counterpart of the parking ticket.
  • Put the parking ticket in the tank bag with clear window (if in doubt, lock it on the zippers).
  • Attach the parking disc with hole and matching lock to the motorcycle, for example to the spokes.

Some motorcycles are equipped with a parking ticket holder on the seats, under which the ticket can be clamped. However, this still gets wet in the rain. Various motorcycle outfitter offer handy solutions if you park your motorcycle and need to pull a ticket.