The Right Motorcycle Shoes for All Kinds of Rides

The Right Motorcycle Shoes for All Kinds of Rides Outfit

Primarily, motorcycle shoes should protect you from injuries and provide you with the necessary stability. Ordinary street shoes are not designed for this and are therefore absolutely unsuitable for riding around with them. Although most motorcyclists know this, they also like to ignore it. Probably because many think that motorcycle shoes are basically clunky and ugly.

Fortunately for all of us, however, that’s not true. Various manufacturers have put a lot of effort into developing safe motorcycle shoes with style in recent years. A good example of this are motorcycle sneakers. They look exactly like normal sneakers and are also very similar in feel. But due to the use of special materials, high-quality workmanship and additional reinforcements, for example, at the ankle, they offer much more protection. Optimal, therefore, for the casual summer round or a ride through the city.

For longer tours and motorcycle trips, we recommend boots with a higher shaft, which protect not only the ankles, but also the shin. Depending on the weather conditions you expect on your trip, it may be beneficial to choose waterproof and breathable motorcycle boots. For the racetrack or motorcross riders among you, there are special models that are designed exactly for the needs of the respective sport.

Motorcycle shoes should be comfortable in any case. They should not leave pressure marks or rub, because that could have a negative effect on your riding performance. It’s best to try on different models and walk a few steps in them. Feel free to sit on your motorcycle while you try on the shoes, so you can immediately see whether you have a good feel for the pedals.

Just like the rest of your motorcycle gear, no matter which model you choose, quality is extremely important. High-quality motorcycle shoes offer more protection, but also tend to be a bit more expensive. Usually, the higher priced brands also place more emphasis on design – perfect for those who want both protection and style.

Features and equipment of a good motorcycle boot

Motorcycle boots should last long and provide a high level of safety. Therefore, an ideal motorcycle shoe / motorcycle boot has the following features:

  • Goes over the ankle: only in this way it can also protect the ankle.
  • Stable but flexible sole: the gearshift must still be operable, recommended for increased safety are also boots with steel soles
  • Reinforcements: important are reinforcements in the heel, ankle, toe, outer foot as well as shin area
  • Shift lever reinforcement: reinforcement of the material in the area of the shift lever prevents the boot from wearing out quickly
  • Covered zipper: zippers are weak points and should not be exposed
  • High quality seams: seams are always weak points. The shoe should therefore have as few of them as possible and the seams that are present must be neatly stitched
  • Oil and gasoline resistance: boots are usually near the engine and should therefore be resistant to gasoline and oil
  • Replaceable insole: you should be able to change the insole easily
  • Optional, replaceable grinders: boots can grind on the ground when cornering. Replaceable grinders increase the life of the boot because they can be easily replaced when they are worn out.

Waterproof and breathable motorcycle boots

The requirements for motorcycle boots include not only coverage of the ankle and calf including individual fit (width adjustment by stretch, buckles or Velcro), but also reinforcements in the complete toe area, ankle and heel, gearshift reinforcement as well as shin protection and covered zippers. A sturdy sole, slip-resistant and with a heel for firm grip on the rests, should also be standard. Those who choose waterproof and breathable models with reflectors increase comfort and safety. After all, wet feet can cool down more quickly and lead to restricted movement. Those who choose boots with wetness protection can do without overcoats.

Care against wetness

Although many motorcycle boots today are equipped with water-repellent membranes such as Goretex, even such boots must be regularly impregnated with Wet Stop after cleaning so that the leather does not become soaked with water. If the boots do get wet, the first thing you should do is stand them up with the sole facing upwards so that the water can escape more easily between the lining and the upper material. Drying by stuffing with crumpled newspaper is also necessary for modern boots: If the upper leather is soaked and wet, reset moisture can build up in the boot overnight and the lining may feel damp. The boot is nevertheless tight.